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Pure C8 MCT Powder 4.0
Pure C8 MCT Powder 4.0
Pure C8 MCT Powder 4.0
Pure C8 MCT Powder 4.0
Pure C8 MCT Powder 4.0
Pure C8 MCT Powder 4.0
Pure C8 MCT Powder 4.0
Pure C8 MCT Powder 4.0
Pure C8 MCT Powder 4.0



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    • Net Carbs: 0g Per Serving
    • Size Format: 500g Pouch with 21 Servings
    • Safe For: GMO Free, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian

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  • Pure C8 MCT Powder by Ketosource is a powdered form of medium-chain triglycerides
  • Boosts ketones and uses a very high purity source of C8 MCT
  • The main difference between the MCT Powder and the oil is the delivery method. The powder production includes spray drying, a process which combines the MCT Oil with a powder carrier, in this case Acacia Fibre
  • The main benefits of powder versus oil is its form, due to which it can be more easily added to solid products
  • Easier to transport than the oil
  • To learn more about what MCT Powder is and what its benefits are, read this in-depth article


  • It has a ketogenic profile and is 
    Guaranteed Ketogenic
  • Will not kick you out of ketosis and will not drop your ketones
  • Works for everyone on a ketogenic diet
  • Is suitable for the most strict ketogenic diet
  • It has ketone boosting ingredients - C8 MCT Oil
  • C8 MCT is the only MCT that increases blood ketones effectively


Easily Digested: Because of its purity, the powder is easy on stomach and does not upset it like low purity MCT Oils or dairy-based MCT Powders. No glucose spiking fibres. Only organic prebiotic acacia fibre which is beneficial for the stomach.

Pure C8 MCT Powder is best used in drinks where it acts like a creamer. It is often used to replace milk, cream or butter in coffees or teas.

STEP 1: Add 50ml (2 x 25 ml scoops) to coffee, tea or another drink.

STEP 2: Mix in with a frother or vigorous stirring until fully mixed in with a creamy texture.

NOTE: Only add to drinks that are low in carbs and sugars. Taking with carbs or sugars reduces the ketone boosting effects.